To: EXO Kris from A Fan


I might be so stupid and selfish. Kris is my first bias in EXO. He’s like a prince who came from the galaxy. He is the reason why i love EXO until now. But what is going on right now? I can’t blame anyone and I can’t blame SM eventhough I want to.  I know there is always a reason why Kris filling the lawsuit. He know for his best. All I can do is waiting for the good news. Hoping all is just one nightmare in May 15th night.

Miracle happen

Kris, I love you. You are my prince. Nothing changed. I’m just a fan who cannot do anything. I’ll give my best support for you and EXO. If only I was a CEO’s daughter…

Have you already taken your lunch? Are you okay? This is really hard for you and maybe you are the saddest in this case. You aren’t betraying me. Really I wanna meet you, hug you, comfort you… but I’m so far away from you. You don’t know my existence but It’s okay. I live like this. Normal people called me stupid but it’s not a problem for me.

Please comeback. I hope.

Gambar    Gambar


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