When I was in middle school, I really loved watching anime. One that really caught my attention was “Fruits Basket”. This anime is really good and heart-touching. Fruits Basket Anime Television Series was written by Higuchi Tachibana. The series tells the story of Honda Tohru, an orphan girl who, after meeting Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure Sohma, learns that twelve members of Sohma family are possessed by the animal of Chinese Zodiac and are cursed to turn into their animal forms when they are weak, stressed, or when they are embraced by anyone of the opposite sex that is not possessed by a zodiacal spirit (Wikipedia). When I watched this anime, my heart felt the pain of the characters. The soundtracks can make my heart trembling. I often watched Fruits Basket after school and then my mother would grumble and order me to stop watching lol I really miss that old times.

From Fruits Basket, I, 14 years old girl got life lessons. I learned so much and I wanted to cry too. When my mother was alive, she often accompanied me watching. Okay stop. Now I’ll give some quotes from Fruits Basket by Natsuki Takaya.




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I want to believe that I’m not wrong. I want to believe that life isn’t full of darkness. Even if storms come to pass, the sun will shine again. No matter how painful and hard rain may beat down on me –Yuki.

To forgive or not to forgive… are those my only choice? –Honda Tohru.

We’re all born with selfish desires, so we can all relate to those feelings in others. But kindness is something made individually by each person… so it’s easy to misunderstand when others are trying to be kind to you.

We have just witnessed a classic example of what I like to call ‘misdirected rage’. I believe the technical term is being an ass –Shigure.

I… There was a time when I stopped talking. Just like you. My reasons were a little bit different, but I think the feelings of being ashamed of myself and hating myself are the same. Here, it says to “like yourself.” What does that mean? Good things- how are you supposed to find them? I only know things that I hate about myself. Because that’s all I know, I hate myself. But even if you force yourself to find good things, it feels so empty. It doesn’t work that way. People like your teacher just don’t get it. I think when you hear someone say they like you, for the first time, then you can begin to like yourself. I think when someone accepts you, for the first time, you feel like you can forgive yourself a little. You can begin to face your fears with courage -Yuki.

It’s all very simple. But maybe because it’s so simple, it’s also hard -Yuki.

It’s not that I’ve suddenly become stronger or that something has changed. I’m still shaking. But… We don’t have to let those fears stop us. What’s most important is that we try to rise above our weakness -Yuki.

I know it’s not good to be weak and helpless. But I don’t think it’s good to be too strong either. In our society, they talk about survival of the fittest. But we’re not animals. We’re human -Yuki.

I’m still willing to continue living with the burden of this memory. Even though this is a painful memory, even though this memory makes my heart ache. Sometimes I almost want to ask God to let me forget this memory. But as long as I try to be strong and not run away, doing my best, there will finally be someday…there will be finally be someday I can overcome this painful memory. I believe I can. I believe I can do it. There is no memory that can be forgotten, there is not that kind of memory. Always in my heart -Momiji.

Don’t get lost. Give it a try. Go find the place that you’re wishing for -Hatsuharu.

You’re trying to find it. You’re probably trying to find- the reason that you live- all by yourself. Because…because, in reality, there aren’t any people who are born with reasons to live. I think that…that everyone has to find their reason to live. A reason to live. A reason to say that it’s okay to be here. A reason for being. Everyone must find out and then decide. Maybe in a dream, or in a job, or in a person. “The reason” you find might be unclear, uncertain, and unstable. Even though you may lose it, I want to have a reason for as long as I live. I also want one. And then, if it’s possible, I want to find it in somebody’s heart. I want to be able to live for someone. I hope that someday, someone would tell me, ‘You can think of it that way.’ At times I want to give up, but I try my best. That’s why…that’s why it’s okay, for sure, to be shameless. Because if you lead a bold life, someday you might meet someone with whom you’ll want to eat takoyaki together -Honda Tohru.

Let’s try our best? I hope that someday the many, many tears that were shed will be worth it -Yuki

That’s why I won’t give up! I’ll continue to move forward because I believe! -Yuki.

It would be so great if it were possible to go through life without making a single mistake but there is no such path. Falling, tripping, losing the way, making mistakes, little by little, walking one step at a time, this is the only way.

No. Never. I have to try my best or I’ll become worse and worse. Even if I can’t make up with them. Even if they all ignore me. I still have to try my best -Kisa


2 thoughts on “NOSTALGIA (Part 1)

  1. I absolutely loved Fruits Basket. It’s one of the few anime that I wanted to know more about to the point where I actually sought out the manga. Now I want a new anime.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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