Push Yourself

Push yourself because no one else is going to do it for you – anonymous

This is a rap from SMTM 4 “Turtle Ship”

It’s starting now.

“Who the heck is she?”

“Where did she come from?” people asked.

I’m good at everything. The title sticks on me. Memorize my name from today, my future is even brighter.  Even if you don’t know, when this stage is over, you’ll surely remember me. Anyway you only like the pretty girls beside you but you don’t need an umbrella for your eyes now. My stage saves me. Now the only thing left for me is to go to the top. I don’t care who’s here right now.

There is a reason why I, a student who was wearing school uniform with a backpack am now at the top here. We are turtle ship. Others are slow, they won’t catch up to our speed.  You’ll just stomp your feet, my name will spread everywhere. I’m going to spread, I am an unscratched lottery ticket.

Put me against anyone. I don’t care about the opponent who faces me. On your head saying that I’m not famous, I will pierce inside. When I’m on the stage, just shut up and enjoy. Rip out the recognition of a few and draw a man. The number 1 maybe me. Getting nervous two times more than others. I’ll show you all now is real. I start with the trauma that the second round of SMTM4 gave me. Even if the place called a stage makes me scared. I’m going to crash into it. It seems like I’ll be caught, then not. The chances going up and down. I made it mine now. Rock n Roll.



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