“It’s very sad that people we love realize how much we love them but they never care”

Hi you who never feel the same way as I do.

I think I never stop talking about you every time. How can I like you so much and you make me like a fool? Why I haven’t been able to get him out my head. Yet I try my best to forget him and end up hurting myself. Loving you is hurt. Every time I see you, my heart is hurt. Do you know what’s funny? We are never talking to each other in real. I never have a courage just to say hi to you.

Hi you who judge me in a wrong way.

Honestly I don’t know you. I only see what I can see you in a person. I envy people who talking to you freely. I never could do that? I’m such a loser. Looking you is a happiness. You also never know me. I don’t know what you think about me but deep inside my heart, I know you see me wrongly.

Hi you who only know how to hurt me.

Do you know? I’m tired of you. It’s hard. I think you already know that I like you. But you seem never care. You’d never have interest in me. You hurt my pride. I’m so embarrassed in front of you but you always behave as if nothing happens. Crying every night is just useless.

Hi you who was everything to me before.

I wanna move on. I ‘ve said this all the time but always failed. Now I want to seriously forget you. Let my heart free. But why it’s hurt to let you go? When I think that I should stop looking you, stop worrying about you, stop thinking about you, stop looking for you, it makes me so miserable. It’s hard yet makes me frustrated. But I can’t be miserable just because of you. Before I know you, I always thought that broken hearted people was so stupid. Why crying over a man like a fool while there are so many men out there? I’m sorry. Now I know that feel.

Time to move on honey. He does not love you and never. Get a hold of yourself. I must be crazy.

Btw how to move on? Please someone help me!


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